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Algemene Voorwaarden van Promoties

  • All freeroll listings are correct at the time of writing. Although we do our best to ensure the correct and current details are listed for all our promotions (freerolls), PokerNews assumes no responsibility for incorrect and/or incomplete information. We strongly recommend players check the online poker room that is hosting the freeroll, to clarify/confirm the correct time and date.
  • PokerNews reserves the right to make changes and/or alterations to any or all the conditions (entry requirements) for these freerolls at any time, without notice. We recommend you visit these freeroll pages regularly. Through continued use of this of this site and it's products/services, you accept any modifications to our promotions, including dates, times and entry requirements.
  • There may be terms and conditions for some freerolls that exist in addition to the terms and conditions listed here. It is advised that you check each freeroll listing carefully.
  • Prize packages are non-transferable/refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash/credit. If the winner cannot accept or make use of the package, for whatever reason, the package shall be awarded to the next highest place finisher or PokerNews management shall decide the outcome at their sole discretion. PokerNews management's decision is final and not liable to legal action of any kind.
  • If, for some reason, a player competes in a PokerNews freeroll/tournament that does not meet all entry and qualification requirements, they will forfeit any claim to the package, at the sole discretion of PokerNews and/or the management of the online poker room where said freeroll/tournament took place.
  • Should an ineligible player win, the next eligible player will be awarded the package.
  • Should a player win an additional freeroll package to the same event, through PokerNews, they will forfeit claim upon that package and any and all subsequent packages (packages will be awarded to second place finisher), at the sole discretion of PokerNews management.
  • Whilst PokerNews will make every attempt to contact the winners of each freeroll (involving a package to a live event), it is the responsibility of the winner to also seek out and contact PokerNews. PokerNews will primarily use email to communicate with winners and will only phone if a number has been provided. Inaction and/or a continued lack of a reply from freeroll winners will be interpreted as inability to accept/make use of the package and will subsequently be awarded to the next eligible player, at the sole discretion of PokerNews management.
  • PokerNews assumes no responsibility for circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to delays/cancelations in transportation, flights, or any other issue that may cause delays and/or prevent you from making full or partial use of your package - even after confirmation of attendance has been received.
  • Should these terms and conditions be translated into another language, the English version will prevail if any conflict between the English and translated version(s) arises.
  • All decisions made by PokerNews management are final.