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Naam:Jan van Waardenburg
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Mooie finale

Theo Jorgensen heeft hem geshipt uiteindelijk. Baas

Het was niet goed vandaag

Leuk voor de westrijd dit

Valt vies tegen inderdaad


Hoelaat begint die>?

Je hoeft niks te kopen als je de beste hand hebt 4.13

Young shipt hem. Ole Schemion 2e.

Mooie laatste hand wel. Prima snapcall van Young

Richard Yong limped in from the button, and Ole Schemion checked his option from the big blind before the dealer ran out the {7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} flop. After Schemion checked, Yong bet 150,000. Schemion check-raised all in for around 1.5 million, and Yong snapped it off. Schemion tabled the{9-Spades}{8-Diamonds} for an up-and-down straight draw, and Yong had the {10-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}

The turn was the {6-Clubs}and the river was the {4-Hearts}to win Yong the tournament and eliminate Schemion in second place. For the result, Schemion took home AU$1.35 million, but it was Yong walking away with the title for AU$1.87 million

Mooi stuk frank. Was afgelopen dagen ook een 2k/4k NLH game in de aria met minimale buy in van 1 miljoen. Met oa Andrew robl, JRB en Rick salomon.

hdkeisk schreef

Ik mis die man nog altijdEhhh


pokerjantje schreef

Was laatst met een maatje wat aan het drinken, daar zaten 4 mensen totaal met ons erbij.
We waren flink door aan het drinken en toen het wat later werd.
Kwam er ook een mevrouw bij het toilet.
Nu moest mijn maat plassen en er werd hem toen verteld dat het 50 cent koste.
Dit weigerde hij en toen er geplast was kwam de bedrijfsleider aan tafel erover klagen.
We hebben de rekening die 180 euro was betaald en zijn weg gegaan
Meest stomme ooit.
Zitten totaal 4 mensen waarvan 2 naar mijn inzien best geld in het laatje brengen en dan krijg je dit gezeik.
Gaat echt iets mis in de horeca op deze manier

Dit vind ik dan ook weer erg triest, dat je niet gaat betalen. Boeie die 50cent. Daar ga je dan toch niet over lopen zeiken

Was gewoon een overtreding, en doorgebroken, dus rood

Ja, hij ging snel liggen maar hij werd duidelijk gehinderd. Hij floot niet omdat ie dan wist dat ie rood moest geven en daar had ie geen zin in

Zie net ff samenvatting terug. Dat Kazim die bal van de lijn haalt voor Ajax was me ontgaan lol.

En van Rhijn had wel rood moeten krijgen.

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Gelukkig heeft Moisander er nog alle vertrouwen in. "Gewoon in Eindhoven en de rest van de wedstrijden winnen, want PSV verliest nog wel een keer." ROFL
Als ze zoals vandaag spelen in Arnhem gaat Vitesse ze voor de 2de keer dit seizoen met 4-0 afdrogen.

Hoe durf je het te zeggen na zo'n wanprestatie

Brunson al 4M up

Naltas schreef

Klokslag schreef

Naltas schreef

Weet iemand al wat 410 en F-Side gaan doen zondag in het stadion?

Waar zat je zelf aan te denken?

Kan me voorstellen dat ze razend zijn en een furieuze reactie klaar hebben liggen inmiddels. Vorige x ook met dat spandoek over die Feyenoord supporter die *@#!^$ had, rooie nogwat. Dat gaan ze nu wel toppen lijkt me

Dat lijkt me niet


en het is veranderD!!

Reactie van Brian Rast (vriend van Antonio) over het gehaat van Lex op Antonio

Gaat om deze thread op 2+2:

So this thread was brought to my attention recently, and I want to weigh in with my 2 cents, which is probably both valuable AND biased - though I will try to be unbiased... I'm sure many will think that impossible.

If you didn't know, I'm Brian Rast ... "tsarrast" was my old online SN though it was taken on 2+2 for whatever reason so that's why there's only 1 r.

Anyways, I just got up to speed with this whole beef and I have a few opinions. First, I know Antonio really well, and he is a good friend of mine. Like ALL people, he has his personality flaws. I do, you do - we all do. Lex has identified some of Antonio's. I don't think things like this are appropriate for public forums.

When it comes down to it the most important thing is this: I think these type of conversations ARE BEST HAD PRIVATELY. I think it's wrong for Lex to just blast Antonio on public forums for "douchey behavior"... since when do we need the behavior police? It's a public service if someone doesn't pay or cheats - yes then blast them so that the poker world has that info. and can make better decisions... but keep your personal opinions of other players to yourself. Can you imagine Andy Roddick having an interview and blasting Nadal for being a douche because of a few private instances? It would come off very unprofessional and gossipy - bc it is.

So this beef goes back to Antonio's WSOP final table coverage, when lex made a few tweets about Antonio's commentary. Lex criticized Antonio's commentary, which I won't weigh in on - I will just say I think saying, "I mean honestly f*** off ..." is inappropriate, and debases the conversation. Even if you think Antonio's commentary isn't good - I don't think that's a constructive way to have that discussion, and I think at this point it's clear that because Lex really doesn't like Antonio, he dropped some ad hominem attacks in a situation that it wasn't appropriate.

Now in this video, Lex talks about Antonio inviting him to dinner two different times and balking when Lex asks to bring a +4. I commend Lex for his loyalty to his friends, but truthfully asking for a +4 is aggressive. AND, Lex doesn't know this about Antonio, but he generally likes smaller, intimate dinners (so does Phil Laak by the way -so the time he invited him to dinner with him and phil & jennifer, that was not just something antonio would have required, but also phil - many times we've had this discussion that 4-6 is the best dinner size). He regulates the +guests with even his close, long-time friends. This definitely was not something personal. I also don't really think that it's out of line... I mean getting the right size and mix of people to a dinner definitely makes a difference. That said, I'm a lot more easy-going, so even if I had an opinion about this, I'm generally not the type of person who does anything about it... Antonio likes to control his environment, and he's the type of person who makes things happen (which is great for a group to do something), but in doing that he tries to make it happen in the way that he likes (who knows, maybe he is willing to make things happen BECAUSE he likes things happening the way he wants!)... it can rub you the wrong way if you let it, but that's just who he is... and because of who he is, a lot of cool **** has happened... like big groups going to Burning Man for example.

NOW, it would be douchey if Antonio made the comment to Lex "you're new here... I've invited you to dinner, and you're going to turn me down?" That's a lame comment. As Antonio's friend, I'd be surprised if he said that. Lex is remembering something from Antonio from 8 years ago - and he could just not be remembering well, and Antonio's balking at Lex's +4 turned in to something more... because even though Antonio does like controlling things, and has his "big time" moments, he isn't the type of person who would say that from my experience with him. That said, I wasn't there - I'm just giving my opinion.

the whole thing with elky does reinforce one of antonio's sometimes problematic personality traits. He enjoys making people uncomfortable and seeing how they react. He does this **** with all of his friends, way more than with people he doesn't know well. He's done it with me plenty of times... he loves asking awkward questions like, "hey so is so-and-so invited to your wedding?" or "have you guys exchanged #s yet?" when he knows you haven't... it's just something he likes doing. I think he gets bored and puts someone on the spot, see how they react... get people to honestly have reactions... it can be quite annoying... it can be funny... it can be interesting. If anything, this says to me that he and Elky are friendly (which I believe they are, as well as him and durrr... like I know they are, Tom, Antonio & I have all gone out before, etc....), and Antonio was joshing him. Would he be willing to do it extra in a spot where Elky had position on him that day? Sure he would - but that's the "edge-seeking" part of Antonio that's competing that day in the poker tournament. I'm sure it didn't bother Elky that much and he probably did his share of torturing Antonio that day - in his quiet surgical kind of way.

Lex comes down really hard on Antonio for "attention seeking" ... some of which is quite unfair. First, to a certain extent all poker players become "attention seekers"... they try to get poker deals... have to have twitter followers, tweet about how their tournaments go, etc... all totally unnecessary - but you do it because it's part of how you can make ancillary money in the poker industry, by people paying attention to your career, caring about how you're doing... so then PokerStars gives you a deal (Hi lex) or you put a fight between you and some other guy on youtube (hi lex). Or so you get on a TV show... because it's a profitable big game, because it adds to that snowball... AND Antonio actually talks, makes conversation on TV... which makes him relatively more popular. Maybe you don't like his banter, maybe you do - most people watching seem to like it and like watching Antonio on TV. That helps him get invited to more TV shows, which is a good career move. All of us are doing this to some extent because it's the smart move for our careers...
Some of the other attention-seeking criticisms are somewhat errant. I think that a lot of the examples aren't really about attention... for example the one with Grussiem was more just about finishing that particular "hand" of lodden thinks to resolve the bet.... maybe they were playing for 1000$ a question, and Antonio wanted to finish (because if you don't finish the question, then really when will u get those people together again, right?). I'm sure Grussiem wanted to probably just bail after he busted, who wouldn't - but then again if they had a bet that needed to be resolved, I think the right thing to do as a gambler is to stay and resolve the action... and maybe Phil needed to be reminded. I am not sure why this one is about attention. I think Antonio does enjoy attention - he does throw a big birthday bash - but so do lots of people. I don't think he hurts people in order to get attention. I also it's natural - he's the type of person who knows how to "make friends and influence people"... and those people get attention.

As far as the "you win all the money." That's a stock antonio phrase he uses for everyone, all the time... people who actually do win all the money and people who don't... Maybe he was trying to needle your friend, maybe not - again I wasn't there - but I will say he says that ALL the time so it's not something that he made up especially for this guy.

I think Lex is guilty of confirmation bias. He already has an opinion about Antonio, and is fitting the evidence to match his opinion. I see if all the time when someone doesn't like someone else.

Maybe you're the type of person who's really super annoyed by some of these things. Maybe you're not. I personally find Antonio to be a very loyal friend (and family member by the way) - and I think he has a lot of great characteristics. Sure he can be over-the-top, and he loves rubbing your face in to it when you lose and he beats you. Plenty of competitors do that (athletes do it literally ALL THE TIME). It makes him my least favorite person in the world to lose to - and it makes you (and me!) want to beat him ... and in a sick way that's good for him if he's a favorite in the bet/competition, isn't it? Antonio is a very intelligent guy, and an admirably good gambler. But like him or not, why flame him publicly?