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Tijdlijn crisis rond Full Tilt Poker licentie & verkoop aan Pokerstars!

Laatste eerst Oudste eerst

Dit lijkt me afgeblazen

Heb ook sterk de indruk dat de intentie van Stars al die tijd was om Tapie een hak te zetten om het daarna 'toch maar niet te doen'. Een soort tactische overnamesabotage.

Dubieuze rol van Stars



ik heb er nog steeds weinig vertrouwen in


KlaasRotzooi schreef

Maar er was toch (zo goed als) een deal met DOJ???

Volgens mij is dat meer door het 'roddelcircuit' geconcludeerd uit het feit dat pokerstars bezig is met de overname (net zoals er allerlei spannende zogenaamde details naar buiten kwamen toen Tapei bezig was wat uiteindelijk dus ook niet gelukt is). Niemand heeft inzicht in die onderhandelingen maar er worden wel allerlei aannames gemaakt. Het enige wat we mogen denken is dat pokerstars nog bezig is met een soort van overname aangezien pokerstars (nog) niet heeft aangegeven dat de onderhandelingen gestaakt zijn. We kunnen nu alleen maar hopen

J'aime les chevaux


Howard Lederer to play in WSOP Main Event?

Rumours coming out of the WSOP with players there, is that Howard Lederer is looking at playing in the WSOP Main Event, which starts on the 7th July. Poker players at the WSOP have contacted the iGaming Post saying that connections to Lederer who is connected to Full Tilt Poker as a Director and is embroiled in the long running disaster that was one of the Worlds leading online poker sites prior to the company collapsing when it emerged that players funds were taken from accounts.

It is believed that should and if Lederer was to play in the Main event, he would donate any proceeds to charity, which charity is unknown. How his appearance would be accepted by the Poker playing fraternity given his involvement in the FTP debacle and the thousands of players still waiting to receive their money from FTP is unclear.

Another twist in this story is that some players there believe that should Lederer play, it would mean that the recent announcement that PokerStars whom are discussing with the US DOJ on taking over the debts of FTP in return of immunity from prosecution of their founder Isai Scheinberg would be announced concluded prior to or on the 7th July. This is not confirmed by the iGaming Post, and is only speculation coming from the WSOP players there.


PokerStars Announcement at WSOP (amended)

staff | May 27, 2012 | 9 Comments
From time to time the iGaming Post gets it wrong, many many times we have been the first in telling our readers what is happening in the world of gambling and most recently the FTP/PokerStars story. The Post told you before anyone else that FTP would lose their Alderney License, we also told you first that the GBT deal was finished. But this time we got it slightly wrong and we apologise to our readers.

Our aim and responsibility is to give you the news as we hear it, whether it is pretty or even if you do not want to hear it but it is the facts. On this occasion, on this story we got it a little wrong. As our best sources have now told us, there will be an announcement at the WSOP by PokerStars regarding FTP and it will be amazing, something truly outstanding, that will get everyone talking of course. It will also explain why many Pro Poker players have not discussed much of what has been happening with this deal and the whole story. But it will not be on the first day of the WSOP as we reported, but on another very special date at the WSOP. Currently we cannot disclose the date and more details, as this time we want to get it right and ensure and double check again that we are spot on.

Once again the POST apologises for the error, but please stay tuned to the Post as we will give you more amazing details once we ensure they are correct.

Finally, we are not too proud to admit when we get it wrong, however once again we are sorry.

The article below is now not so certain to be correct for today anyhow, but stay tuned:

The iGaming Post now understands that the formal announcement on the PokerStars buy-out of Full Tilt Poker (FTP) is planned to maximum effect on the first day of the WSOP, which apart from the Casino Employee Tournament would be Monday 28th May (The Post announced this previously, (see report here).

The idea for the announcement then would be to show the world that PokerStars is the biggest thing in Poker, even bigger than the WSOP and who would argue about that, especially this year at least!

Deal on player funds is all done and agreed with the US DOJ, what is now the possible sticking point, is the issue of what position PokerStars and its founder Isai Scheinberg would be in once the deal is completed.

However if you asked poker players their opinion on what Mr Scheinberg is doing and their thoughts on the FTP3, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson & Ray Bitar, the overall majority would say, Mr Scheinberg should be offered a pardon by the US DOJ for his role is saving FTP and paying back all the FTP players and the FTP3 should face charges.

No one knows what will be the outcome of this, only Mr Scheinberg can decide what is best for him and his company, but if the announcement on the deal is on Monday, the day of the WSOP, maybe not all the details would be announced, but only the FTP part and player payments.

More details have been found on the GBT deal, it was correct that 94.9% of players were to receive their money once the site was open, however the remaining 5.1% where most of the money is owed to large players would of been paid back within one year, that was the business plan by GBT. However insiders at GBT believed realistically that it could of been 5 years till ALL players would have received their money.

The iGaming Post will keep you up to date with all the Poker Stars/FTP News Monday onwards, stay tuned.


Maar er was toch (zo goed als) een deal met DOJ???


Mike85 schreef

Kan echt nog wel ff duren. Onderhandelen met overheden gaat niet zo snel.

Al heeft PS het de vorige keer wel snel geregeld, maar dat was minder complex.


Kan echt nog wel ff duren. Onderhandelen met overheden gaat niet zo snel.


stop flagging a dead horse........ imo


Schiet godnondeju es op man

I wont million


moest ftp weerkomen en legaal zijn in amerika , zouden we dan een nieuwe pokerboom krijgen?
kijk hier echt naar uit Smile


te laat Sad


KlaasRotzooi schreef

Nog maar 50% van de laatste dag over....

and counting



Care of ze nu zeggen dat het rond is met de doj of volgende week, als het maar gebeurt Tongue

I wont million


Nog maar 50% van de laatste dag over....


Nou, morgen de laatste dag...


"Volgens de iGaming Post is er eind mei een verklaring te verwachten hier omtrent. Dit laat nog even op zich wachten om PokerStars nu met een logistiek plan voor terugbetaling moet komen, maar zij zijn er van overtuigd dat dit door de DoJ zal worden goedgekeurd"

veel einder dan mei kun je het niet krijgen..............ben benieuwd of er deze week nog nieuws komt.

4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42


Rock-City-King schreef

Laten we het er maar op houden dat ze druk bezig zijn achter de schermen.

oke bedankt

teneights: "waarom hebben die fucking mongolen elke fucking hand de sickste mogelijke ziekheid met hun fucking bs top of range"


Laten we het er maar op houden dat ze druk bezig zijn achter de schermen.

I wont million

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