Webjoker's Rampage – Annie Duke is geen Poker Legend

Webjoker's Rampage – Annie Duke is geen Poker Legend 0001

I could write a 10,000 word blog about today, but I'm just going to keep my big trap shut. A bit frustrating, but it's the right thing to do I guess, being an adult and all. But ooooh this couldn't have been SUCH a funny blog post! Instead, it'll be kinda lame I guess.

Zo begint niemand minder dan Daniel Negreanu zijn weblog afgelopen week. Inmiddels heeft hij nog enkele andere blogs gemaakt over zaken als de EPT en een heads-up spelletje dat hij aan het spelen is maar deze opening trok de aandacht natuurlijk.

Wat blijkt? De avond waarop deze blog online verscheen was Annie Duke weer lekker bezig in The Celebrity Apprentice. Het programma is een reality format met Donald Trump aan de leiding die dan wat B sterren aanwijzingen geeft hoe centjes te verdienen. Annie Duke maakt geen vrienden in die show, ze is een bitse tante, gaat over lijken en doet alles om maar te winnen. Zelfs de andere bitches in de show vinden haar een bitch en dat zegt wel wat.

Daniel Negreanu heeft niet zo'n goede band met deze dame. Waardoor dit komt is niet helemaal duidelijk aanvankelijk maar gelukkig konden we in de archieven van Full Contact Poker nog een mooie blogpost vinden van Negreanu. In deze editie van Webjoker's Rampage kan je heel wat lezen maar het is allemaal voor het goede doel: duidelijk maken waarom Annie Duke niet zo populair is.

We beginnen dus met Negreanu, die neemt in ieder geval geen blad voor de mond:

Daniel Negreanu wrote:

I'm often asked what makes me think that this woman is such a low

life. Here are just a few examples of facts that make up what this

woman truly is as far as I'm concerned. For those of you who don't

care to read it, you can stop now and save your complainin':

1) Wanna Split it?- Playing in a stud 8 or better side game, Annie was

heads up with one other player. After much betting it appeared as

though Annie had the high hand and the other had a low made by sixth

street. The player with the low board asked if she wanted to split

it. Annie said, "Yeah, ok". The player threw his hand toward the

muck expecting the dealer to start chopping the pot, when Annie said,

"Wait, only if you have a low I mean."

Once she said yes however, the pot should ethically be split.

Despite virtually everyone in the game explaining to Annie that once

she says yes to a chop, she has to chop. She wouldn't budge.

Finally, after much hysteria she decided to give the player back ONLY

the money he put into the pot. Had the tables been turned, she's

still be blue in the face about how unfair that was.


2) I swear on my kids!- Annie habitually leans over to look at the

cards of the person sitting beside her in a game, whether they like it

or not. Well one day one of the players was fed up with her sweating

her neighbor's hole cards and he spoke up about it. She obliged

saying, "Ok, I won't look anymore."

Not an hour later, a triple draw hand comes up, and she is caught

red handed looking at her neighbor's hole cards again. This time the

player objected furiously, "I told you to stop looking at your

neighbor's cards!" To which she replies, "I SWEAR ON MY CHILDREN I

WASN'T". This was an absolute lie. She saw EXACTLY what card her

neighbor got and ANNOUNCED the hand before it was turned over, also

saying something to the effect of, "Oh you would have made it anyway."

**A 4 had been flashed that would have been her neighbor's card.

Instead she received a 6 to complete a 2-3-5-6-7, which is the third

best hand in 2-7 triple draw (the 4 would have been the mortal

nuts).** Later, Annie falsely claimed that the player who was upset

with her threw a chair AT HER. Again, impossible.


3) Just checkin'- Playing in a one table satellite for the main event

at the WSOP, Annie was up against Tony Ma and Dan Alspach. Tony moved

all in on the button, Annie folded in the small blind and Dan began

studying. After some time, Dan folded his hand, and Tony threw his

cards towards the muck telling Dan "Aces. I had two Aces." Well

after the hand hits the muck, Annie GRABS THE HOLECARDS, LOOKS AT

THEM, and says "Just checkin'" as if she had done nothing wrong.


4) Sitting in a short handed 300-600 mixed game in 1999 I was

unfortunate enough to have to sit beside Annie. Again, she has a

simple rule that she lives by, "It's ok for me to look at your hole

cards when I am out of a hand but I can't show you mine because I

can't give away any information". Niiiice. Anyway, after about 30

minutes of her sweating my hole cards, I KINDLY say, "I'd actually

prefer it if you didn't look at my hole cards since we are short

handed and all." (5 handed at the time). About 15 minutes later,

another player sits down in the game making it six handed.

So know after I've raised before the flop and she'd folded, she

looks over at my hole cards again. This time saying, "It's six

handed, I can look now". Niiiice.


5) Oh my God, it's so my seat- On a Monday night Annie walked into the

poker room to put her name on a list. When the seat opened up, the

floor man called out a name that wasn't yet present. Annie said, "If

he's not here it's my seat." To which the floor man replied, "He's

just outside, he's on his way."

"Oh my God no way! You can't do that! You can't lock up a seat if

you aren't even here!" After much bickering the poor floor man

succumbed and gave her the seat.

Wednesday night, EXACT same scenario, only this time Annie was the

one who was first up on the list but not present at the time the seat

was called. Now this time, she is arguing for the OPPOSITE ruling.

"Oh my God, I was right here. I was here to put my name on the list.

I didn't even leave the building" (how the floor man is supposed to

know that is anyone's guess). Anyway, after throwing yet another

hissy fit she got that seat too. This is one of Annie's common

practices: "Argue NOT for what's fair and just, argue only for what

benefits you." Niiice.


6)This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in a

tournament- At the WSOP main event in 1999, Annie was involved in a

pot with another player who had limped under the gun. Annie raised

the limper from the button with A-7 offsuit. When it got back to the

limper, he went to make a raise, but DIDN"T SAY RAISE, and then went

back to his stack to raise even more. Well, in any no limit

tournament that is considered a string raise. Not always called, but

it's a string raise nonetheless. Well, another player, Steve Kaufman,

called the string raise to the dealer's attention. To which Annie

shouted, "Oh my God, you're not even in the pot! What are you doing!

Oh my God, this is the worst thing that even happened to me in a

tournament!" etc.

She was upset with the fact that she had now been raised the minimum

by the limper and was "forced" to call the extra 60,000 raise. After

lambasting Mr.Kaufman for something he had EVERY RIGHT to do, she

ended up flopping an ace and WINNING the pot because of the called

string raise. "Well maybe that was the BEST thing that ever happened

to me in a tournament." Snort, snort, giggle, giggle.


7) Cup Boy- Finally, my first ever meeting of this woman was at the

Four Queens in 1996 when I was just barely 22. Up to that point I'd

had virtually no success in tournaments in the US, but was eager to

learn from the so called "superstars" of the game.

** Before I go any further, It's important to give you a little

background info. At the club I played in in Toronto, we had no

bottled water, just purified water you could get from the gallon. So

I'd fill up a Styrofoam cup with water, and when it was empty, would

leave it hanging from my lips so the porter wouldn't take it away and

I'd have to waste another cup. This became somewhat of a habit you

could say.**

So here I am in this tournament, where across from me was this woman

and another well known tournament player. This woman doesn't know me

from Adam, but goes out of her way to ridicule and make me feel like

an outsider. As though I didn't belong in her "clique". After

witnessing her behavior I was pretty sure I didn't want any part of

that "clique" anyway.

KNOWING I could hear every word she was saying, she says to her

"clique" member, "Oh my God, what's up with cup boy over there. I

wonder what that cup's all about. You think it's for medical

reasons." She then went on to giggle arrogantly. At this point I

actually spoke up and said, "If you'd really like to know there is

actually a pretty normal reason for it?" Apparently acknowledging my

existence may have looked less "too cool to talk to the low limit

players" if you know what I mean.

In conclusion., with two odd tables to go I play a hand against her

in which SHE WINS. I had a good amount of chips at this point and she

was all in for less than a bet on the river. I had actually bet the

turn with a draw, and checked the river when I made a pair. The board

was (10-8-2) A- J. I held Q-J in the blind and called her raise from

middle position. I checked and called the flop, and bet the ace on

the turn hoping to steal it. On the river I made jacks, but didn't

think she would call me with a worse hand but may check a better hand

or even bluff. That's not important though.

What is important, is that she berated me for playing the hand that

way! "Oh my God, if you were going to call on the river anyway why

didn't you just bet?? I mean, oh you know what forget about it. I

shouldn't be educating."

I was beyond puzzled, but to be completely honest slightly

embarrassed. I was there alone and knew no one in the tournament

whatsoever. At the time I wasn't certain if I actually made a

horrendous error or not. I may have spoken 20 words the entire

tournament, and couldn't fathom why someone would want to be so mean

to a complete stranger?

Anyway, I later thought about the hand and realized that she was

absolutely WRONG about the correct strategy in that situation.

Considering the information I had, I played the river just fine.

Couple years go by, I get lucky and win a few tournaments… and all

of a sudden she is all nice to me. Phony nice of course, but nice

nonetheless. The more I got to know this woman however, the more I

was witness to her true colors and the more I disliked her. Despite

making my BEST efforts to tolerate her obnoxious personality I no

longer wanted to put up with it.

The only thing I'm sorry about in all this, is what it has done to

many of my friends who happen to have thicker skin than I and can

tolerate Annie. It puts them in a peculiar position. That I regret.

Other than that, NOTHING I've ever said to her, or about her is

something I'd ever consider apologizing for. Those are my true

feelings… and I sleep well..

You see, I don't NEED to be Mr. Phony Nice Guy, all I gots to be is

who I is. I ain't gonna say what y'all want me to say, I'm onna

say wazz on my minds when I feels like it. Na' I mean? Damn



Don't get me wrong I've done some pretty stupid things in my time.

I'm not afraid or worried about what anyone has to say about me, it's

all out there. I have few secrets if anyway. I been broke, blew some

stake money, loaned railbirds, staked deadbeats, been on the borrow,

all kinds of bad decisions. That's real. In all honestly though, I

ain't NEVER disrespected no man or no woman unless they had it comin'.

I was never one to see bullies get their way, and I was never one to

close my eyes and shut my mouth when I see somethin' I don't like. I

keep hearing, "But Danny, this isn't in your best interest. "Danny

just go with the flow and don't rock the boat." Hell no!

You a cheat, I'll say so.

You a bi-atch-- I'll say so.

You a angle shooter, I'll let my peoples know.

You a fraud? huh, I'll expose you and feel no way…y'understan?

Lijkt me duidelijk, Negreanu is geen fan van Annie Duke en laat Annie Duke nou net de broer zijn van Howard Lederer. Bovenstaande blogpost zorgde ervoor dat Howard het niet zo heeft op Negreanu. De rest van het oude groepje van Negreanu (Cunningham, Juanda) zit wel bij Full Tilt Poker maar toen Full Contact Poker er mee stopte ging Negreanu in op het aanbod van PokerStars en werd er met Full Tilt naar verluidt niet eens gesproken.

Als we dan toch de beerput opentrekken over Annie Duke (terwijl ze nog niet zo lang geleden zelfs de titel "Poker Legend" opgespeld kreeg) kunnen we ook nog wel even een ander akkefietje aanhalen zodat iedereen weet waarom Annie Duke niet geliefd is in deze wereld:

Anonieme poster wrote:

This caused some controversy on another msg board where most of the UB players post, and a lot of the UB pros, until the board (Pocketfives.com) told everyone to shut up about it. The situation as explained by several people is this:

Annie Duke showed up several hours late for the webcast and explained it as "I got the wrong directions to the studio". Many people take this as "I was playing for my boyfriend". The interesting part is, while they were waiting for her to show up, Jon Vorhaus (another commentator) was talking about some of the players still in the tourney and commented on the Lolita-inspired username hhumbert. Someone present informed him that Hhumbert was Annie Duke's boyfriend.

When Annie finally showed up, she said "my boyfriend is still in this, but don't tell anyone what his username is", and neither Vorhaus nor the 3rd commentator mentioned to her that they had already let the cat out of the bag.

At some point, Annie mentioned that her boyfriend was playing on HER account.

Several times at the final table, the third announcer (forget his name, some british guy who has a poker show on Sirius radio) said "humbert raises... and he takes down the blinds", etc, and then very very oddly added "I mean he or she, we don't know whether humbert is male or female". This was weird, and at no point did anyone say anything similar about any other player, but I think the announcers had decided to not acknowledge that hhumbert was Annie's boyfriend, in case it looked ultra-shady.

Many people thought Annie was coaching through the webcast. While she gave general commentary of all the players, a few people pointed out that she gave somewhat in-depth instructions of the general strategy for playing a big stack when it was about 5 or 6 handed and hhumbert was the big stack. She went into detail saying "humbert should be sitting back, not taking any unnecessary risks and making sure he has a lot of chips when it gets 3 handed", etc. She gave commentary on all the game, but at no point anything that specific, nor did she discuss how small stacks or medium stacks should be playing at that point.

On one very big hand, a flop came ace high, one player bet out big, the second one went all-in and hhumbert went into the tank, thinking for a long time. Annie gave some of the most specific info she had given all game saying "If I was humbert, I would want at least AK to call here", at which point he came out of the tank and called the bet. (While the result of the hand is irrelevant, the all-in guy had bottom 2 pair, and when hhumbert caught an ace on the river to eliminate him, Annie said "serves him right!". I swear none of this is made up).

At one point, Annie was chatting to the other commentators and mentioned how the spacebar of her keyboard wasn't working and it was very annoying because she was instant messaging with someone during the broadcast. Later on she posted on the msg boards saying "I was messaging Shawn Rice (another UB pro)" to explain this, when people pointed out she was probably messaging her boyfriend.

So, the real issue with this situation for a lot of people is that the whole thing is very shady. Whether Annie coached her boyfriend through the broadcast or not is up for debate, but the fact is that UB held it's biggest tournament of the year, with a huge field, and somehow the account that won belonged to Annie Duke, a UB employee (she plans and schedules all the tournaments) who was actually commentating the tournament at the time. This would be analagous to Lee Jones winning the sunday Stars tourney and then saying "Nice work Lee, you pick up $266,000 for your efforts!" at the table. Had the account not actually belonged to Annie Duke and had she ackonledged at the final table "You know what, there's a conflict here, my boyfriend is at this table, I just want to be upfront", instead of the commentators falsely saying they had no clue who hhumbert was, this would not be such an issue

En dan kan dit er ook nog wel bij. Terrence Chan (onlangs nog winnaar van twee SCOOP events op dezelfde avond) schreef in 2007 zijn livejournalgenaamd SoCal trip.

Hij begint met

...or how I got screwed over by Shannon Elizabeth, Annie Duke and others.

This was certainly a poker tournament with a story, but not for the reasons I was expecting. Pictures of the Playboy Mansion will come soon — please be patient, my loyal readership.

En niet veel later komt de aap uit de mouw. Terrence is in een toernooi voor het goede doel doorgestoten tot de finale tafel. Alles speelt zich af in de PlayBoy Mansion maar als hij bij de laatste drie komt maakt Annie Duke weer haar entree:

This is when things started taking a turn for the truly bizarre. The TD now came over to us and told us that we had to be out of the room in 20 minutes. He doubled the blinds to 12k/24k or something like that. After a few more hands without a bustout, he then announced the blinds would double every hand. A few more hands later the panicked TD announced that we would not play the tournament to the end! The button was on Shannon, and he announced that on Shannon's next button, we would stop the tournament and call the results by chip count! Not chop the prizes by chip count, mind you, but if you had one chip more than second, you were first. That's fair, don't you think!?

So the prizes were listed on the website as follows:

1st: 2 WSOP main event seats plus hotel and junk

2nd: A US Open golf package

3rd: 51" TV

I was second in chips behind Dannenmann when this announcement was made. On the first hand, Shannon Elizabeth pushed into the black shirt guy. A9 for Shannon, AQ for black shirt, but two 9s hit the flop and Shannon consolidates the two stacks. Now I'm in third. This is where it really starts getting bad. Shannon looks around and realizes that her and Dannenmann are #1 and #2 and tells Dannenman to fold every hand. Dannenman, for the record, is not three but about eight sheets to the wind. He has been more or less on a 3-hour alcohol IV and drunk out of his mind. Annie Duke has been sitting immediately behind him for the entire final table telling him what to do on a number of hands ("you have to call"/"automatic call", that kind of thing). Annie assesses the situation and tells him the same thing as Shannon, that he should fold every hand and collude against me. Which is okay, you know, because Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Dannenmann are celebrities and therefore matter. Who gives a shit about the random guy no one knows or cares about?

Dannenmann is so drunk that he actually is considering playing but Annie is in his office constantly telling him to fold. I push in every hand, of course, but I can't catch Dannenmann. On Shannon's button, the TD stops the tournament as announced, and we count up the chips. Shannon has us easily covered at maybe 400k, Dannenmann has 221k and I have 208k. A lousy 13k separates us, and thus I get the third place prize. So I am pretty much equity-fucked as hard as it gets by a combination of Shannon Elizabeth's cheating, Annie Duke's mouth, and the poor planning and problem resolution of the people running the event.

Now before I go off too much I want to say a few things. First off, yes, this is a charity tournament. Secondly, the amount of money involved, thankfully, isn't too much to me. If it weren't for these two things, I would be a lot more pissed than I am. I think I'm really taking this well, and I don't think I'm too biased because Adam, Mike, Gun and all the other people who were there supporting me where way more animated about this than I was. I'm really trying hard to keep in perspective that it's all for charity.

But at the same time, "it's for charity" can't be the only defence for such a debacle. There have been charity lotteries, draws, tournaments and so forth for a long time now. When you announce prizes, you have to pay them out. If you run a poker tournament, you don't change the rules with four hands to go and make it completely impossible for one person to win the tournament. When you do these kinds of things, it makes all such charity events look bad. I started out with the idea that I would have some fun at the Mansion, have a longshot for a WSOP seat, and raise some money for a good cause. Instead I have a bad taste in my mouth and in my opinion this tournament gave itself a black eye. Except no one will care, because I'm a nobody, and it looks good to have Shannon Elizabeth as the official champion.

I also assign no blame to Steve Dannenmann. He really did nothing wrong aside from not telling Annie to FOAD. He was drunk out of his mind, and alcohol makes people pliable. That said, I have no doubt that if he did not have Annie in his corner, he probably would not have realized the situation he was in. I have a bit of a problem with Shannon, as she clearly violated the rules and did something that in the poker world is extremely unethical. However I cannot fully condemn her because she is new to the game, not a serious long-time player and may not have known better.

The person I have a real problem with in all of this is Annie Duke. Annie Duke has been playing poker a lot longer than I have, and I learned very early on in my poker career that sitting two feet away from someone and telling him what to do on specific hands is illegal and immoral. "One player to a hand" is something that every poker player learns very early on in their poker careers, and it's absolutely shocking to me that someone as experienced as her, a bonafide poker celebrity in the public eye, would blatantly break this rule and think there's nothing wrong with it.

Zoek vooral de vervolgen op dit verhaal op via terrencechan.livejournal.com want het neemt nog enkele bizarre wendingen. Lijkt me duidelijk in ieder geval: Annie Duke is geen lieve dame.

John Juanda met mondkapje

Gisteren zagen we in de grand final van de PokerStars EPT te Monte Carlo John Juanda met een mondkapje op spelen. De varkensgriep is natuurlijk bezig aan een opmars maar tot op heden hebben we er in Europa geen last van en toch zit die gekke Juanda met een mondkapje op. Als ik in de mediaroom ga navragen blijkt dat Juanda vaker met een mondkapje heeft gespeeld en dit doet omdat er iemand enorm stinkt aan zijn tafel. Er lopen meerdere Duitse en Italiaanse spelers al enkele dagen rond in het zelfde shirt dus op zich geven we hem geen ongelijk. Als we hem te pakken krijgen vandaag gaan we het nog even controleren.

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