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Learn, chat and play with the pro's! De geweldige slogan van Full Tilt zorgt er dus voor dat we niet alleen van de profs kunnen leren en met ze spelen maar ook nog met ze chatten. Waarom we perse op een site zouden willen spelen vol met profs is nog niet helemaal duidelijk, maar het klootjesvolk vindt het tof en dus werkt het.

Dat 'chatten met de pro's' wat ze beloven werkte echter niet helemaal vond ik. Ik heb zo'n beetje aan iedere pro in de chat mijn vragen gesteld maar ik kreeg slechts bans voor bedelen en excessief taalgebruik. Toen kwam ik erachter dat ze het meer hadden over de ge-organiseerde chats die een apart tabblad hebben in de Full Tilt Poker client.

Rechts onderin het balkje met games zie je namelijk "pro chat" staan waar zo nu en dan een pro aanschuift om vragen te beantwoorden. De playmoney spelers en 1 cent / 2 cent grinders stromen dan en masse daar naartoe om de meest absurde vragen te stellen. En geef ze eens ongelijk want af en toe levert dat waanzinnig materiaal op. Naast alle busto spelers die vragen stellen is ook Roland de Wolfe trouwens vaak aanwezig om een andere pro een vraag te stellen.

We beginnen dit overzicht van hoogtepunten ook met die laatstgenoemde want hij heeft in de loop der jaren echt aan zijn creativiteit gewerkt. Dit zijn de beste stukjes uit honderden vragen en A4'tjes lange transcripts. Lees alle chats van alle pro's na op de vernieuwde Full Tilt Poker Pro Chat Archive.

Roland de Wolfe

Vraag van kawaiola50: is there a way i can find if my tounament is overAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: when u have no chips

Vraag van lockofhair: hey sorry about that... So how do you become defined as a pro?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i comb howard lederers beard 3 times a week

Vraag van mcw23: my dog needs hlep and is dying what should i do for it .....Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: get it to make a list of all the things it always wanted to do

Vraag van Straiker1000: Roland, going to play my first ever live buying tourney here locally this weekend. nervous about giving off tells. Any suggestions that will help me hide my emotions other then dressing like the unibomber? thanks for all your chat times RolaAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: get a friend to punch u in the stomach before each hand

Vraag van buhba: what's best with online poker? ie...watching TV, small houseold projects(chores), BBQin', playing other online games, reading, cooking, blogging(still trying to figure this out), pay attention, all the above, ect...Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i like to make ice, start fires and watch porn

Vraag van deathtoeli: roland im 20-f-florida blond hair blue eyes 5'6 125, are u single?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i am now

Vraag van tigercrane: hey roland, how did you initially amass a bankrollAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i sold pigeons to bird racers

Vraag van crash7: what is the best way to play a loose passive player to the effect that theyre too passive to raise but loose enough to call down anythingAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: punch him in the face

Vraag van Nate Savage: How much do you use implied odds in determining when to make a certain play?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: yes if there is good chinese action im likely to call

Vraag van Streak: Why ARE YOU NOT ANSWERING ANY OF MY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: variance

Vraag van getintheclub: you are well on your way to being the first pro chat to have nothing to do with poker, congratsAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i like very much sex in mouth

Vraag van dearmouse: ROLAND, IN YOUR OPINION WHATS THE BEST WAY TO RECOVER FROM A BAD RUN.SAY A MONTH OR TWOAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: shave ur head , try to pull every woman u meet and speak danish, then u will outdraw everyone

Vraag van jmah1: Hi, I have a question for you, late in a deep tournament where the avg stack is around 25x the BB what hand would you rather be raising with from early position, a semi-big pair like 99-JJ or AKAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i would raise with anything and when they beat u cry and say it was antoniuos playing ur account

Vraag van Brandon6176: The women you bang cause you have money... are those called hookers?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i call them friends

Vraag van MBush0450: Hello Roland 1 question what is the singelest most important thing that has helped you improve your game over timeAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: i just try to do the oppostie of what phil hellmuth would do

Vraag van paulmpaulm: how do i get away from the girlfriend to practiceAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: tell her uve been seeing other women

Vraag van Midge8: do you know why there are no sit and go's under $35 at the moment?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: David Oppenheim has captured them and is holding them hostage in his underground lair

Vraag van buhba: Can I get the go ahead on whispering your name right before i try to inpregnate my wife?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: do i have to pay child support?

Vraag van redswirl: roland it is widely rumoured that SAM GRIZZLE has the biggest schlong in the poker world. can u confirm?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: David Oppenheims chat is next week

Vraag van Imper1um: Roland... There are reports of you going to a nightclub in Ireland after luckboxing your self a second place finish in the irish open, and bringing an overweight elderly lady back to your hotel, can you comment on this.Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: yes it was nice to see ur girlfriend there

Vraag van learn-as-igo: what ever happened to john juanda, and i understandAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: he moved to ulan bator and settled down with a tribe of hockey loving pygmies, making washing machine spare parts for local fishermans wives

Vraag van basti-rocks: Do you know any german poker pros?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: yes, Michael Ballack, Thomas Bihl, Marcel Luske. Thomas Bihl

Vraag van MrPhili: marcel luske is from netherlands ... ^^ which music do you like?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: im into german music like 2unlimited and maud mulder

Vraag van yaryar1007: Roland, why is Matusow so fat?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: every time he shags ur girlfriend he has a biscuit

Vraag van spencer0922: whos the most overrated poker playerAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: probably me

[/B]Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: im a huge online donk

[/B]Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: but im good at sex

Vraag van crash7: who would name their kid mayonase sandwichAntwoord van Roland de Wolfe: john sandwich

Vraag van Louis584: hey roland...you look exactly like me...Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: lol lucky me

Vraag van CHARLES OAKLEY: do you like splitting or keeping 2 low pair in pai gow ?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: depends on ur top, i prefer to hurl the cards at the dealer and get a life ban

Vraag van Ben Nash: Hey Roland, any tips on bankroll management?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: play mark vos at every game

[/B]Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: ginger tax

Vraag van bigshowmack: roland how come you and mark vos haven't been playing online much these days? did you guys lose your entire bankrolls playing high stakes bingo with marks grandmother?Antwoord van Roland de Wolfe: mark vos is gingerbusto

Phil Ivey

Vraag van JakeStr8: sup phil?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: sup

Vraag van bxtony: Phil, would you let David Sklansky babysit your kids?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: lol

Vraag van pgraduate: whats your favorite poker hand?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: royal flush

Vraag van nestea8: can u beat nl25?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: who is that?

Vraag van josue perea: did you really make david blaine eat glass for 10kAntwoord van Phil Ivey: no

Vraag van Fenir: do you have a lovely bunch of coconuts ?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: lol

Vraag van BGM1: could you ever bluff a godess like shannon elizabeth on pokertable or be gentleman?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: i would bluff my grandmother

Vraag van gutony: according to fulltilt odds, what were the odds of my AA beating AK? gotta be 1 in 2 chance right ilostAntwoord van Phil Ivey: thats about right

Vraag van Roland de Wolfe: is phil hellmuth the muhammed ali of poker?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: lol u tell me

Vraag van GregAlkins8: philAntwoord van Phil Ivey: greg

Vraag van Henry590: For someone who wants to play HORSE, and has only played NlH, what game is the most important and/or difficult to learn first?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: horse

Vraag van Miss Pickle: Mr. Ivey... I do great at ring games and make money but I tend to lose in tournaments. What can help me?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: yeah jus play ring games lol

Vraag van KO005: hey phil, serious question, how much money do you have?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: 6 billion...lol

Vraag van thoompje: hello mr ivey who do you think is best player in the world? Antwoord van Phil Ivey: tiger woods

Vraag van TsssDonkeY: hey phil do u likes to play a 5$ heads up against me??Antwoord van Phil Ivey: no

Vraag van dblackrun: was phil gordon's birth a bad beat?Antwoord van Phil Ivey: lol

Mike Matusow

Vraag van Unclewalter: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: dog poop

Vraag van Blaahjelm: did u vote yesterday?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: no convicted felons cant vote

Vraag van Xorc1st: What is your middle name?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: jesus

Vraag van Unclewalter: Besides me, who do you consider the worst NLH player in the world?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: your mom

Vraag van UTICA CLUB BEER: I HAVE A TOOTH ACH WHAT SHOULD I DO?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: stick your finger in your butt and yellloud see if it helps

Vraag van jamesbt1982: how many midgets mike does it take to rape the afflack duck?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: ansered that already told u 3

Vraag van XTokerStar420X: If you wanted to kick one poker player's @$$, who would it be?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: john juanda for sure

Vraag van Thunders86: can i have 5 dollars mikeAntwoord van Mike Matusow: no get a fking job

Vraag van best_I_know: Do you type with your thumbs?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: n oio i jsut dont try \

Vraag van MoNkEy698: what u think of durrrr?Antwoord van Mike Matusow: great talent nice guy in for a huge reality check soon and when it happens i hope he dont killhimself

Vraag van FARTY: were u a cry baby when u were a kid??Antwoord van Mike Matusow: only when your mommy wasnt around 

Rob Hollink(voor zijn bracelet winst vorig jaar)

Vraag van acearnott: How much are u up?Antwoord van rob hollink: are you working for taxes?

Vraag van Master MO: any sportbetting tips?Antwoord van rob hollink: do the opposite , i bet

Vraag van olympee: Spielst du nach slottboms buch?Antwoord van rob hollink: lol, i always play big stack, i hate small stack

Vraag van Aerosmith7: your an idiot you know that?Antwoord van rob hollink: i don't know, future will learn

Vraag van mjafer03: hey rob how do you keep in such great shape with all of those logged hours at the tableAntwoord van rob hollink: i am not in great shape at the moment, lol

Vraag van Santiago78: Wie lange glaubst du brauchst du noch , bis ein wsop b gewinen kanst?Antwoord van rob hollink: 18 days

Vraag van HJ_Mill_Mill: ive never heard of you, you are probably not very good right??Antwoord van rob hollink: that's right

Vraag van gottageturlove: never heard of u do u have any bracelets?Antwoord van rob hollink: i have a dog

Patrik Antonius

Vraag van FJR_85: are you smart enough to readAntwoord van Patrik Antonius: def no!

Vraag van Figiero: how much pussy have you gotten before maya`?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: not as much as gus lol

Vraag van Borg7: phil hellmuth said tom dwan is the best player under 30. comment!Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: phil hellmuth is a joke

Vraag van Joakim R: How do you feel about global warming?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: sucks

Vraag van Bermyjon: When are you going to fight Gus in the ring?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: next year lol

Vraag van PhishN4chips: Do u think that u will play as long as Doyle has ?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: i hope i dont need to

[/B]Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: lol

Vraag van DeltaBurstR: do you feel sorry for Doyle as he gets destroyed in the games by the young gunz nowadays?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: i just feel sorry for him lol

Vraag van Rodsy08: If u could pick one poker pro to have a boxing match with who would u choose?Antwoord van Patrik Antonius: Mark Voss

Jennifer Harman

Vraag van ChickaDee45: Hi Jen, big fan here. F/MARRY/KILL: Hellmuth, Matusow, Tony G.Antwoord van Jennifer Harman: i would kill them all

Thomas Wahlroos

Vraag van Paddehat: are you REALLY a Wahlroos?Antwoord van Thomas Wahlroos: yes, and my balls weigh 200 pounds

Jeff Madsen

Vraag van Colluder: will u shoot my first pornAntwoord van Jeff Madsen: are you david williams

Matt Hawrilenko

Vraag van fugla555: whats you bankroll look like?Antwoord van Matt Hawrilenko: have you ever seen ducktales?

Vraag van tha_boss747: why dont you liek mike he is a very good player his stats prove it?Antwoord van Matt Hawrilenko: all joking aside, mike is a sweetheart, sweet as my grandma and plays poker almost as well

Vraag van Napolino: ARE YOU THERE?Antwoord van Matt Hawrilenko: no, sorry. try again later.

Vraag van ChickaDee45: are jealous that mike matusow has his own avatar and you dont?Antwoord van Matt Hawrilenko: yes, but he's jealous that i know how to play poker

Kenny Tran

Vraag van vegasdavey: your 2 top players please kenny, male and female tyAntwoord van Kenny Tran: male: david benjymine and allen cunningham female: none

David Singer

Vraag van Roland de Wolfe: youre my favourite gay poker player..well done! keep up the birdwatching and rules enforcing!Antwoord van David Singer: You are my favorite uninformed ignoramus, who also happens to be my favorite $.25-$.50 player

Gus Hansen

Vraag van 1111abcd: will you sleep with meAntwoord van Gus Hansen: probably

Vraag van KRIPPELER: hows it going gus, how does an average joe get classes from a player of your caliber?Antwoord van Gus Hansen: ask questions in the pro-chat I usually dont give private lessons but if you happen to be a pretty blonde you definitely have a chance

Phil Gordon

Vraag van Lexie: Who is the most overrated player, and who is the most underrated player... in your opinion.Antwoord van Phil Gordon: i am one of the most overrated, and Allen Cunningham is one of the most underrated.

Clonie Gowen

Vraag van crismasty: good luck in the tourneys u play in ClownieAntwoord van Clonie Gowen: Thank you but my name is CLONIE

Vraag van jjbear: Why is there a cartoon picture of Paris Hilton at the top of this chat box?Antwoord van Clonie Gowen: Is that Pairs Hilton or MAYBE....it is Clonie Gowen..would make more sense

Vraag van mikeethree3: do you hate being semi famousAntwoord van Clonie Gowen: don't really think about it.

Vraag van stuntastic1: Clonie how are you?Antwoord van Clonie Gowen: old enough to gamble, young enough to still want to.

Steve Zolotov

Vraag van OverThinking101: hiAntwoord van Steve Zolotow: hi I am interested in any questions or problems players have that relate to probability, odds, statistics, and related concepts. Even though I may not be able to answer complex questions now, I have been doing some stuff for CardPlayer magazine on thi

Vraag van PIE18: are you bald?Antwoord van Steve Zolotow: yes

Drunk is the way to do it!

Ongeveer een jaar geleden bezocht ik voor het eerst in mijn leven Las Vegas. De WSOP karavaan trok naar de zondenstad en ik huppelde mee. Ik was er om te werken maar uiteraard speelde ik af en toe zelf ook wel eens een spelletje in een casino.

En wat een wereld ging er voor mij open! Ik was het vijandige gedrag van HC gewend en werd plots verrast door (niet echt oprechte maar care) vriendelijkheid overal om mij heen. Ik was gewend dat een te dikke kleine dame mijn bestelling kwam opnemen en werd plots geholpen door een uiterst sexy dame met een flinke bos hout voor de deur. Ik was gewend om uren te wachten op mijn drankje maar kreeg ze hier bijna direct. Ik was gewend grof te betalen voor mijn drankje in het casino maar hoefde hier slechts 1 dollar te tippen voor alle drank!

U begrijpt, ik riep stilletjes halleluja en dankte God op mijn knieën. Gratis drank, bezorgd door de mooiste dames ter wereld, wat wil je nog meer? Gratis geld zou wel leuk zijn en dat moet ook meneer Terrance Watanabe gedacht hebben. Deze zakenman met pensioen is zo'n VIP die je in de serie Las Vegas continu ziet: in de watten gelegd zo lang hij maar blijft gokken. In de watten leggen is één ding maar zorgen dat hij continu dronken is, is ook weer het andere uiterste.

Another witness, identified as a Caesars Palace security guard assigned to protect Watanabe for up to 30 hours a week, "does not recall ever seeing Mr. Watanabe in a sober state," Chesnoff said in the letter.

The letter says the guard and a Caesars Palace bellman can testify they saw casino employees giving Watanabe the prescription painkiller Lortab, which the letter said "visibly clouded Mr. Watanabe's judgment" and induced him to "gamble more and gamble recklessly."

Terrance (Terry voor vrienden) heeft een schuld van $14.750.000,- en wil die nu obv. (obvious voor "basheuvel") niet betalen. Meneer maakte de schulden in het Rio casino en in Caesars Palace maar claimt dus gedrogeerd te zijn geweest, waardoor hij aangeeft niet te gaan betalen. Eens kijken wie er gaat winnen want Harrahs (eigenaar van het Rio en Caesars) klaagde hem aan maar Watanabe is vrij op borgtocht inmiddels.

Lees meer: http://www.lvrj.com/news/45462962.html

Ziigmund update

Lange tijd beetje stil in Webjoker's Rampage aangaande ziigmund. Gelukkig had hij weer wat te melden op zijn blog:

Still tilt from Chelsea...and small upswing.

ziigmund, 19.05.2009 09:05

y0 everybody.I just finished playing against Lars Luzak and Gus...Lost for Gusettaja 460k and won from Luzak like 200k.Im little bit mad because I played so f bad against FORTUNA GUS and he tilted me with his comments.haha.Actually no,but I was tilt anyway.So...I lost today totally like 280k.

I was in Milano 4 days and came from there two days ago.Inter won Italian liga and there was big party at Duomo.Two days in Milano and then one day at Comolake,which might be the most beautiful place where I have been..I recommend that place if someone wanna go to romantic and peacefully place...whatever,I played in Italy few hours totally and won like 200k.Most of them of course from Gusettaja.Actually my games has gone very well lately....like 1or2 losing day in last 2-3 weeks I think.I have been very lucky too...at least if you ask from Gus.We played with Durrrr 3k 9k blinds which was sick silly and I hope I wont do it anymore....Thats f sicksick big game.I try to get grind mode to my head because games are dead in fulltilt forexample...Everywhere else too.Nowadays there is no action and every f bastards waiting in their holes some drunk monkey or circusdireghtör....I dont know the word in english(Circus?)...So there is only Durrrr ,Patrik and Ivey whose play and sometimes Gus who comes and leave if he gets double up....so it would be nice if I find the mode I can play 25 50 example.

Im waiting next wednesday Championsleague final In Rome.....We are going to watch that game to Rome with my friends...Only f **** thing is that there is two f horrible team in final.It was so F WRONG that Chelsea didnt go to final...F Referee was so gay.Thats why I have to hope ManU wins...

Lets see what happens. GL everybody.

En in de chat gelukkig:

Gus Hansen: 5 min

Ziigmund: wanker

Ziigmund: f idiot

Ziigmund: okok

Ziigmund: sry

Ziigmund: hansuhansu'

Ziigmund: done?

Ziigmund: just say it

Ziigmund: so i can leave

Ziigmund: or new tables?

Ziigmund: this is just so f sick

Ziigmund: he just even cannot say iif gg

Ziigmund: its always same

Ziigmund: if you guys give respect for guy who wanna just play shortstack and doesnt say when finish....

Ziigmund: fllag for gus

Ziigmund: gus is f bad

Ziigmund: its ok he quit but he even doesnt say quit

Ziigmund: hate that f scumbag

Ziigmund: i play against that f fish every f time i can

Ziigmund: he is just omg f bad

Ziigmund: u guys doesnt know

Ziigmund: how f bad he is

Ziigmund: durrrrr is f good

Ziigmund: patrik is f good

Ziigmund: ivey so f good

Ziigmund: gus so f bad


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